Asebu Traditional Area - Ghana


Africans all over the world are being systematically assaulted. We are so traumatized that we suffer from many mental, physical, social and emotional disorders. Those of us who were displaced during chattel slavery are totally disconnected from our roots and have no concrete link to our original families and tribes.

Our African ancestors were stolen, and we lack the ability to identify our homelands and to own our African identities with real pride. Our values as a community are eroded and our self-esteem insufficient. We need to heal from all of our wounds in order to restore ourselves. Wellness affords us the opportunity to truly live. Pan African Village Residential Wellness & Restoration Center is the bridge that allows Africans to return home.

We offer a safe and secure environment and concrete support services. Pan African Village initiates restoration process of African people by offering a comprehensive health and wellness program. Our intention is to restore Africans and Africa to the level of greatness that we demonstrated for thousands of years prior to the European invasion of Africa.

Pan African Village Wellness & Restoration Center offers affordable housing and healing to all Africans who have been colonized and traumatized by the African slave trade and the oppressive systems that followed. We also assist all Africans with re-connecting to Africa, and we promote the financial well-being of Africa by identifying and pursuing business and investment opportunities.

Africans seeking to relocate to Ghana can live in the Pan African Village for up to six months. During this period, they will be assisted in securing permanent housing and establishing new businesses in Ghana. Pan African Village seeks to restore Africans and Africa to a place of complete wellness and independence. Pan African Village offers regular Wellness workshops that promote individual healing, including Healthy Eating, African Male/Female Socialization, Overcoming Trauma, Self-Awareness and Business Development.

We also provide physical modalities such as Meditation, Cardio Exercises, Massage Therapy, Yoga and Tai Chi. Our target population is Re-Patriots already living in Africa, Sojourners returning to Africa, Travelers visiting and vacationing in Africa as well as native Ghanaians seeking recovery from the impact of British colonization. Pan African Village seeks to restore 240 Africans annually.

Africans have been so traumatized and colonized that we have many mental and emotional scares that impede our progress and prevent us from making healthy choices. Simply returning to Africa, or being born in Africa, is not enough. We need to heal, in order to make our contributions to Ghana as healthy and positive as possible. Restoration and Wellness is also required for us to grow into the united and independent Africa that we all desire. Pan African Village Residential Wellness and Restoration Center and Pan African Enterprises are our humble contribution to the unification and restoration of healthy and happy African people.

The Mission

Pan African Village exists to assist diaspora Africans in their return to Africa. We offer Affordable Housing, Wellness Services and Land Acquisition opportunities. Our ultimate goal is the unification and restoration of Africans and the total liberation of Africa.

The Vision

We see a world of strong and healthy African people who are proud and knowledgeable of their African culture and heritage. And, we see a unified African continent that is developmentally and economically independent.


  1. Provide housing for returning Africans
  2. Educate returnees regarding living in Ghana
  3. Introduce returnees to Wellness
  4. Establish individual Wellness plans for returnees
  5. Educate Africans about real African History
  6. Encourage returnees to invest in Ghana
  7. Offer Real Estate acquisition assistance
  8. Teach the local language
  9. Promote Health & Wellness


  1. Make it easier for Africans to return
  2. Reduce the challenges and hardships that exist
  3. Bring positive people to Ghana
  4. Increase African wealth in Ghana
  5. Restore the values of African people

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