The African Diaspora economy is thriving and could become a great asset in Ghana if properly cultivated and utilized. In published reports, the African Diaspora consumer market exceeded 1 Trillion Dollars in 2013 and the African Diaspora net income continues to exceed 1 Trillion Dollars annually, which is larger than the entire country of Spain. African Diasporas are wealthier than most countries and would rank in the top 50 of the 196 reporting countries.

Pan African Village seeks to bring these economic resources to Ghana. As we watch investors from many other countries bring their business ideas and economic resources to Ghana, we know that ultimately their success will only profit themselves and that they will take their earnings back to the country of their origin. Let us build an African Diaspora community dedicated to the well-being of Africa. Not only is this our opportunity to work together, but it is also our responsibility to come together.

The time is now for all Africans to unite. We are all Africans and have a personal responsibility to Africa, regardless of where we were born. Our common bond is that all of us have African ancestors.

Inspired by the President’s proclamation of 2019 as THE YEAR OF RETURN and in preparation for this year’s celebration of PANAFEST and EMANCIPATION DAY, Okatakyi Dr. Amenfi VII, Omanhen of Asebu Traditional Area in the Central Region of Ghana is offering land to our brothers and sisters from the diaspora.

The Chiefs of Asebu Traditional Area and Elders have all agreed to offer specified land to Africans from the diaspora. This very generous demonstration of love and compassion is born in the spirit of Brotherhood and Unity. Africans from the diaspora are invited to return to Africa and dwell happily and peacefully in the Asebu Traditional Area. Africans from the diaspora are expected to develop their land in a timely manner and become valued and respected members of the Asebu community.

The Chiefs of Asebu Traditional Area have commissioned the Pan African Village, under the supervision of Rabbi Kohain Halevi and with the assistance of Kwame Nitoto, to develop the criteria for the land acquisition process; and to facilitate the administration of the land acquisition process, including the actual distribution of the designated land to the qualified land recipients. All participants who complete the Pan African Village Wellness & Restoration Program will receive a Certificate of Completion and will be referred to the Chiefs of Asebu Traditional Area and granted a serviceable plot of free land for development. Ultimately, the Pan African Village will create a healthy community of Africans from the diaspora who will make significant developmental and economical contributions to the Asebu Traditional Area and the Republic of Ghana.

Our goal is to identify and recruit individuals who meet the desired criteria as qualified candidates for the Restoration Village Wellness program. The Wellness program will target African Diasporains who have the economic means, an interest to invest in the development of Ghana and a desire to participate in a personal healing process. Any African may participate in the Pan African Village Wellness programs; however, Pan African Village will specifically target qualified individuals.

  • Assistance in the return to the land of our ancestors
  • Affordable long term housing in a beautiful and stable environment
  • Wellness and restoration services and programs
  • Free land in Asebu Traditional Area and land acquisition and development assistance
  • A thriving Pan African community that brings economic development to Ghana

The primary purpose of Pan African Village is to assist Africans from the diaspora in their return to Africa. At Pan African Village we offer very affordable rooms for long term stay. Africans who wish to remain in Ghana and explore the opportunity to relocate to Ghana can do so comfortably. Our beautiful ocean view rooms start at as little as $25 per night. Our distinguished guests may book rooms for as long as 6 months.

This allows our guests to really determine if living in Ghana is a good fit for them in a very secure and affordable location. We understand that the challenges that diaspora Africans encounter can be overwhelming. Many Africans come to Ghana with strong aspirations to remain in Ghana forever, only to fall victim to circumstances that cause them to fail and go back to the country of their birth

Pan African Village will offer long term affordable housing for Diasporas. During this time, our guests will be assisted with securing permanent affordable housing or enjoy our facility while their new while their homes are being built. Afforable Housing is designed to begin the African healing process and promote a healthy stay in Ghana. Affordable Housing begins with our initial 10 day wellness program is followed up with a personal long term wellness program.

Knowing our great history is an excellent way to build self-esteem in African people. Our great history dates back thousands of years, but we seem to be stuck in the past 400 years. The African Restoration workshop seeks to return us to who we were prior to the European invasion. Let us celebrate the great kingdoms of our ancestors.

Let us learn about the great Kings and Queens from whence we come. No longer will we accept our ancestors as slaves, when we understand that they were truly distinguished human beings who were captured and enslaved by vicious and diabolical invaders. African Restoration takes control of the narrative of our great history and abolishes “his story.”

This is a character building workshop that develops a sense of pride in individuals that translates into a better person and stronger local community.

Breaking Bread Together is a free and  nutritious meal offered every month to
the families who participate in the Pan African Village workshops. This free  meal is also available to the local public as well.

The primary purpose of Breaking Bread Together is to build and strengthen the community relationships and reduce  tension by bringing the families of the diaspora with the local village and enjoy the  company of each other over a good meal. Sharing a good meal together is a powerful and effective way to build relationships and restore the values of community.

The goal is to forge healthy relationships in the many diverse communities of Ghana, and provide an example of brotherhood.

A local language expert will offer Fanti language classes to Pan African Village. Living in Ghana requires communicating with the people of Ghana. Our open ended and ongoing classes will allow diaspora Africans the opportunity to learn to speak Fanti.

All participants of the Pan African Village will be encouraged to attend these classes and make progress. Learning the local language is a sincere sign of respect for the local culture as well as an important tool for success and safety.

It is also a prerequisite for obtaining Ghana citizenship.

Ghana is rich in economic opportunity. The Economic Development is a program designed to identify wealth generating opportunities in the Central Region of Ghana. This program is also available to all Africans. Economic Development workshops will focus on five specific topics: Financial Literacy, Business Development, Employment Preparation, Home Ownership and Entrepreneurship.

The purpose of the Economic Development program is to reduce poverty in Ghana by assisting participants in identifying a long term wealth generating income stream for themselves and their family. Economic Development also includes money management strategies and how to utilize the financial resources available in our community.

We know that money does matter, and we must take responsibility for self-sufficiency in our community. Certificates of completion will be awarded to participants who complete all of the requirements, including attendance, reading, class participation and homework assignments.

Becoming totally self-reliant economically is essential to the restoration and liberation of Africa and African people. Pan African Enterprises is the economic engine that will allow Pan African Village Residential Wellness and Restoration Center to become fully self-sufficient within two years.

Pan African Enterprises encourages and assists African Americans with purchasing, leasing and developing properties in Ghana. We are financial literacy experts that have already achieved a high level of economic success and seek to bring a positive contribution to Ghana by marketing Ghana and assisting Africans throughout the diaspora in leasing or purchasing real estate in Ghana.

Pan African Enterprises will also assist all Africans with building and developing businesses that will offer employment for Ghanaian citizens by offering financial literacy classes and workshops. Pan African Enterprises will donate 100% of the profits secured through its various projects to fund Pan African Village Residential Wellness and Restoration Center.

Pan African Enterprises targets and recruits African American investors to come to Ghana with their resources. We actively promote Ghana business opportunities in the United States and assist potential investors with travel to Ghana by partnering with established Ghana tours and hosting the investors at Pan African Village Residential Wellness and Restoration Center. Investors will receive information about available Ghana Real Estate and business opportunities while participating in a Pan African Village Wellness Program. Our primary purpose, is to assist Africans in returning home and developing economic empowerment in Ghana.​

“I Am African” is our mantra. Our primary purpose is to unify Africans all over the world. Our one primary common is that we all have African ancestors. These T Shirts will be mass produced in Ghana and the USA to be sold worldwide. The goal is for every African man and woman to eventually own an “I Am African” T-Shirt.

This product will raise the money to fund Pan African Village and other investment opportunities. We must always be self-sufficient. This is a pride product that raises the consciousness of African people throughout the diaspora. “I Am African” is our common bond. It is a movement of unity that galvanizes the masses to embrace Africa and ignites the spirit of healing. We Are Africans; all over the world. Our biggest obstacle is that we are so divided.

By collectively recognizing ourselves as Africans, we unify ourselves worldwide. Now, we can all work together in the spirit of brotherhood and restore and unite all of Africa.

Every African participating in any of our programs will receive an “I Am African” T-Shirt.