Pan African Village Land Criteria

Asebu Traditional Area - Ghana

The criteria for qualification of the land offered is established by the Pan African Village to ensure that the integrity of the vision of Okatakyi Dr. Amenfi VII, Omanhen of Asebu Traditional Area in the Central Region of Ghana is not compromised and that all of the recipients of the offered lands.

understand and adhere to the expectations of the Chief. This criterion is the initial screening process for the land acquisition project. Pan African Village and the Chiefs of Asebu Traditional Area reserve the right to reject any candidate that demonstrates any problem behavior.

All recipients of the offered land are required to:

1. Be African through biological family ancestry and genealogy.2. Complete the Living in Ghana Orientation (30 day residential program) offered at Pan African Village.

3. Present a current police report or background check with government identification to the Living in Ghana Orientation.

4. Participate in a local Community Benefits program (local school development).

5. Respect the culture and people of Asebu and abide by all the laws of Ghana.

6. Reside in Asebu Traditional Area at least for two weeks in every two years. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis. Recipients receiving exceptions will be required to participate in additional Community Benefits programs.

7. Pay all of their own land transfer and registration fees for their particular plot of land, including surveys and site plans.

8. Break ground on their build within 12 months of their acquisition..

9. Present a token of appreciation to the King.

10. The offered land is designated for Family Legacy purposes and can only be liquidated or transferred through the designated Pan African Village process.

10 Day Wellness Program

• Wellness Orientation Mental
• Personal Persona Intro (journals) Spiritual
• Meditation (10 min) Physical
• Movement Exercise Emotional
• Welcome Home Ceremony

• Wellness Workshop
• Personal Persona Pan African Village Book List
• Meditation (10 min) Recommended Readings
• Movement Exercise
• Kakum Park, Cape Coast

• Personal Persona (completed) Essential Life Education
• Body Massage/Reflexology By: Ishmael Tetteh
• Slave Dungeons, Elmina
• Liberation Exercise Africa Must Unite
• Meditation (10 min) By: Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
• Love Activation Intro

• Love Activation Exercise
• Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Intro African Culture in Government &
• Meditation (10 min) Development, The Ghana Paradigm
• Movement Exercise By: Nana Kobina Nketsia V
• The Art Center, Accra

• Love Activation Exercise
• Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Reading
• Meditation (10 min)
• Movement Exercise
• W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Park, Accra

• Love Activation Exercise
• Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Reading
• Meditation (10 min)
• Movement Exercise
• The Botanical Gardens, Aburi

• Love Activation Exercise
• Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Discussion
• Meditation (10 min)
• Movement Exercise
• Jerry’s Restaurant & Museum, Prampram

• Love Activation Exercise
• Social Wellness Games
• Meditation (10 min)
• Movement Exercise
• Business Opportunities

• Love Activation Exercise
• Self-Love Exercise
• Journal Reflections
• Traditional African Naming Ceremony

• Love Activation Exercise
• Business Opportunities in Ghana
• Meditation (10 min)
• Movement Exercise
• Wellness Certification Celebration

The participants are required to attend an orientation that outlines the program requirements and participant obligations. Participants will also have the opportunity to have any questions answered that may arise.

Candidates will be advised and assisted through the process of securing their passport, visa and airline ticket. Every effort will be made to ensure all participants are greeted at the airport and the restoration to wellness (greatness) process begins immediately.